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yeti wrote about the Saint John of Las Vegas LA Film Screening:
Really great indie flick! Interesting story, great characters and script, with a good amount of quirky thrown in. Will defiantly be recommending this film. Really good casting too - some of my favorite actors. Thanks CC!
Posted: 10:50pm | 1/27/2010

yeti wrote about the Ninja Assassin LA Film Screening:
Killer movie - action packed from start to finish. I have been waiting months and it exceeded expectations, amazing, some crazy fight scenes! Will definitely go see it again. Thanks CC!
Posted: 6:12am | 11/24/2009

yeti wrote about Film Screenings:
Yay! Ninja Assassin! Can't wait
Posted: 12:55pm | 11/16/2009

yeti wrote about the Pirate Radio LA Film Screening:
Loved it! Amazing characters, great script, well shot, very funny. All around great movie. I have been waiting to see this for a while now, and it was even better than my expectations! Thanks CC
Posted: 11:36pm | 11/10/2009

yeti wrote about Film Screenings:
Yeah, Whip It was super fun! Drew is so funny :) It will be in a bunch of theaters when it comes out, but its also in select local (including Burbank and Universal) theaters on Sat eve + you get a free t-shirt
Posted: 4:41pm | 9/24/2009

yeti wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks CC for 'A Serious Man passes' - I am so excited to see it! Yay!
Posted: 3:32pm | 9/23/2009

yeti wrote about the Whip It Red Carpet Film Screening:
Yeah, I am psyched to see it, I think Drew is gonna do a great job. Roller Derby is so great in LA too :)
Posted: 3:02pm | 9/21/2009

yeti wrote about the Capitalism: A Love Story Film Screening:
Yeah, I am also a big supporter of documentaries (on wide variety of subject matter), and its great to see that you will be offering this screening! Moore always looks at some pivotal moments in time and its amazing that his voice has been able to cross over to the main stream. Looking forward to seeing it. Thanks for all the screening you offer CC!
Posted: 10:09pm | 9/14/2009

yeti wrote about the Bright Star Film Screening:
Thanks for the passes CC! I am super excited to see the costuming in Bright Star, looks beautiful! Yay!
Posted: 5:04pm | 9/4/2009

yeti wrote about the Paper Heart LA Film Screening:
Super cute! Very clever faux/real documentary. Loved the animation skits too - so 'Science of Sleep' Geeky, simple, and just my style. Thanks for the tix CC!
Posted: 9:55pm | 8/5/2009

yeti wrote about the (500) Days of Summer LA Film Screening:
Loved it! I really wanted to see it 'cause I knew there was focus on music with a good soundtrack, and it didn't disappoint. Funny but sad - showing the reality of many relationships. Good to see something offsetting the glut of rom-coms coming out. Loved the whole greeting card deal too - that's what I do! Thanks for the tix CC!
Posted: 9:26am | 6/30/2009

yeti wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
Thanks for the Land of the Lost screening! So funny. The characters and the script were great, and what a treat that Sid Crofft was there! I have already told folks how fun and that they should see it - I will for sure go again.
Posted: 10:10pm | 6/4/2009

yeti wrote about the Drag Me To Hell LA Film Screening:
Hilarious! He's such a master of over-the-top. His films are not always about being 'scary' as they are about playing on the classics cliches of the horror genre. His tight shots are awesome, the never-ending endings, the simple script - we all know whats gonna happen; you know its good when the audience yells at the screen! I will definitely go see this again. If you are into classic horror you'll love it! Thanks for the screening!
Posted: 10:13pm | 5/28/2009

yeti wrote about the What Goes Up Film Screening:
Plenty of quirky characters but a little overly scripted. Neither dark enough or funny enough to really pull off a classic teen angst flik. Steve Coogan is in his typical role and plays it well. There's a lot of story lines going on at once; its worth watching though not particularly memorable, I guess I just like dark teen movies. Oh, and I like the back story with NASA. Thanks for the screening!
Posted: 10:06pm | 5/28/2009