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Glenda V wrote about Film: The Twilight Saga, New Moon:
'Twilight' sunk its teeth into cinemagoers last year - will the second installment prove to be as big a hit this year. Sure it will! Everyone else around are getting into this whole vampire craze. The "New Moon", the next of the Twilight series is out November 20th and there are already New Moon reviews out. The consensus among critics is that the film – you’ll have to pardon the pun – really BITES. (How am I not supposed to make that joke?) Rotten Tomatoes along some of the really big reviewers have decided that the novelty has worn off, and are giving the film a hiding. If you got payday loans for camping gear to wait days for tickets, it might have been a waste.
Posted: 9:01pm | 11/25/2009

Glenda V wrote about News: Justin Zucker and Michael S. Hauke:
In this season of doubt, I'm prepared to declare that the recession is really, most probably over. I have learned that he number of lay offs is slowing – so even though it's bad news that anyone is being laid off period, the rock bottom in a recession is a better place to be, because that means up is going to be the new direction for the economy. Also, many workers consigned to the unemployment line from manufacturing jobs are starting to get rehired, as firms such as Ford Motor Co, Dell, AK Steel, and OshKosh (the truck company, not the overalls company) are rehiring laid off workers. An end to the recession would be good news, and more available capital for installment loans and investment will lead to more jobs.
Posted: 4:09am | 8/27/2009

Glenda V wrote about News: Freedom of the Press:
The cash for clunkers cars deal has been a recent craze for people around the US and they wonder what is the most popular model of car being purchased by people using this program. Well, so far, the Ford Focus and the Toyota Corolla have been bought with Cash for Clunkers funds than any other models. The Honda Civic and Toyota Prius are right behind them. The Prius is a hybrid, and Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic both come in hybrid models. The most popular SUV has been the Ford Escape, a hybrid as well, and getting a hybrid would net you the largest cash advance possible from the program. Still, despite the Cash for Clunkers vouchers, you'll still have more than a paycheck loan to pay off – as the program doesn't cover used cars.
Posted: 10:24pm | 8/14/2009

Glenda V wrote about News: Nights at the Museum:
Many are anticipating for the news from the Senate hearings about "Wise Latina" judge Sonia Sotomayor, nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. Currently, the Senate committee handling Sonia Sotomayor hasn't confirmed her to the bench, but approved her to be voted on. In other words, they voted on whether or not she should be voted on. It seems to take payday loans at least to understand how these things work. She's been accused of being an activist judge, which is a code word for when a judge makes decisions that are legally valid that conservatives don't like, like backing civil rights, for instance. At any rate, Sonia Sotomayor won't need unsecured loans if she does take the Bench.
Posted: 2:44am | 7/30/2009