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Estrella L wrote about News: UC Fee Increase Begins:
If the non-resident and undocumented students will see a mid-year fee increase it might be another reason for them to be compromise to another loan and will ruin their plans to repair their debts before they graduate, see how hard it was. Me as a student really do get in touch with a debt counselor. They'll tell you about debt management, and work with you to come up with debt management plans and budgeting tips to get you free from the burdens, and so you don't wind up having to get payday loans every month or two because of the situation you're in. You do end up having to pay for the service, but it can be worth it.
Posted: 3:31am | 1/27/2010

Estrella L wrote about Film: Amreeka:
A movie such like “Amreeka” was a humorous spin on the classic immigrant story. It was Cherien Dabis’ debut feature Amreeka tracks the friction that arises when an optimistic Arab relocates to the American Midwest. But Amreeka lacks the sense of humor that set Aliens In America apart—and frankly, it’s rarely as insightful about the biases and strengths. The film is about a Palestinian family that immigrates to America. The mother, and this is common for immigrants, is highly educated and experienced, but is consigned to working at White Castle. Meanwhile, her son’s getting into fights with the bigots at school, and her family turns out to be far more cynical—even contemptuous—about The American Dream than she expected.So far, the Amreeka movie reviews are good, so let's hope it makes back the money loans that made it.
Posted: 3:19am | 9/10/2009