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spencerdouglas wrote about the No Strings Attached Film Screening:
It was much better than I thought it was going to be. The supporting cast was hilarious, and the characters were believable. I love the role reversal of the guy wanting the relationship and the girl wanting to keep distance.
Posted: 11:37am | 1/20/2011

spencerdouglas wrote about Film Screenings:
If anyone has an extra pass for the Valentine's Day screening at the Grove tomorrow (I can be your plus one...nobody wants to be alone for Valentine's Day, do they?!), please let me know as soon as you can. My email is Thanks in advance! -Spencer
Posted: 3:05pm | 2/10/2010

spencerdouglas wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean... I didn't realize it was random entry. Because the RSVPs are eventually closed, I assumed it was first come, first serve. Sorry for my misunderstanding, and thanks for the opportunities! much appreciated!
Posted: 6:39pm | 2/9/2010

spencerdouglas wrote about Film Screenings:
Oops! I meant for the screening this Thursday, not Friday!
Posted: 11:58am | 2/9/2010

spencerdouglas wrote about Film Screenings:
I RSVPd for the L.A. screening on Friday about an hour before my friend did, and he got his acceptance already (yesterday), but I don't have one. I checked my spam too. Anyone know if some are still on their way?
Posted: 11:55am | 2/9/2010

spencerdouglas wrote about the Saint John of Las Vegas LA Film Screening:
This was better than I thought it was going to be. off-beat with quirky characters, the laughs were not because of a punch line as much as how ludicrous the events and characters were. I like that it all came together at the end without dragging out. Peter Dinklage, Sarah Silverman, and Romany Malco were all great supporting characters, and Steve Buscemi hasn't give a bad performance in his life, that I can think of. I'm still picturing smiley faces everywhere!!
Posted: 11:46am | 1/28/2010