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8 Recent Member Comments wrote about the Battle: Los Angeles Film Screening:
I really hope I win tickets to this movie! Thanks 4 all the screenings before! Campus Circle Rocks ;)
Posted: 7:12pm | 2/17/2011 wrote about the Unknown LA Film Screening:
thank you for the tickets! so excited for this movie!
Posted: 9:40am | 2/12/2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
I hope i win tickets for the green hornet! thanks sean and Campus circle for the txt in the past!
Posted: 6:18pm | 1/10/2011 wrote about the Dinner for Schmucks Film Screening:
Thanks 4 the tickets!! movie looks funny ! Cant wait =D
Posted: 8:53pm | 7/26/2010 wrote about the Inception LA Film Screening:
please.. sean i hope i can get tickets for this movie.. got my fingers crossed
Posted: 8:42pm | 7/1/2010 wrote about the Jonah Hex LA Film Screening:
hey Sean thanks for the tickets bro.. U made my day
Posted: 7:28pm | 6/11/2010 wrote about the Get Him to the Greek LA Film Screening:
This movie looks funny i hope i win tickets =D
Posted: 2:38pm | 5/27/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
I never get tickets to anything movie.. =(
Posted: 8:12pm | 5/25/2010