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commongoal wrote about Film Screenings:
WoW.....first of you should read the disclosure CC gives you when they do send tickets to you. They clearly state it is NOT a guarantee you will get in. Second, these are free tickets! Free screenings! You go and get in line and hope to get in...if you don't then too bad! You are making comments on this site as if CC owes you something. subscription on this site is FREE I know yours is too. If you cannot read and handle the rules and regulations why are you on this site?
Posted: 9:37am | 6/28/2011

commongoal wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus Circle for the Arthur passes!!! LOVED IT!!! Funny, entertaining....Loved the story line!
Posted: 9:35am | 4/7/2011

commongoal wrote about Film Screenings:
Got to watch RED RIDING HOOD last night!!!! AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to take my daughters to watch it when it premiers!!! Thank you for the tickets!!!
Posted: 10:12am | 3/10/2011

commongoal wrote about the I Am Number Four OC Film Screening:
My child loved this movie! She wants to watch it this weekend with Friends....again! Thanks for the movie!
Posted: 2:46pm | 2/17/2011

commongoal wrote about the Unknown OC Film Screening:
My husband and I enjoyed this action film! It was a fun night! Will definitely recomend it to family and friends.
Posted: 2:45pm | 2/17/2011

commongoal wrote about the The Rite OC Film Screening:
Love it!!! This kind of movies always scare me but this one was very good. Love Anthony Hopkins!
Posted: 10:50am | 1/26/2011