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funmanland we sent out emails to all of our THE DEBT winners about the theatre change over the weekend. We also posted the change on our website. I apologize that you didn't get the message. Sean
Posted: 9:05pm | 8/30/2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
RickyO, Thanks for your comment. Absolutely, there will be OC screenings. It's a bit slow for us right now with screenings down there. That's all. Nothing else. I'm not out trying to punish anyone. However, there are issues with OC screenings and we will be unveiling our solution shortly. It will work for everyone and we will not be having any more of those problems again. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer in OC. Please go to the OC Fair. They are one of our clients this year and definitely want a good CC presence there. Thanks. Sean
Posted: 2:39pm | 8/10/2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, Regarding the late emails for Jane Eyre. Since the film screening started late and we noticed we had some extra seats, we decided to send out more R.S.V.Ps. just in case some of our members still wanted to come out and see the film. Sean
Posted: 11:50am | 3/11/2011 wrote about Film Screenings:
Well, it looks like we have a lot of happy campers this week. People are getting seats at the screenings, enjoying the films and spreading the good word of Campus Circle. What more can a publisher ask for? Oh, join us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, tell your friends to join as well. We are giving away an iphone when we hit 5,000 fans and quite frankly it is taking to long to get there so help us out! Thanks.
Posted: 5:08pm | 12/14/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
ps. Join us on Facebook and Twitter. And, tell your friends about Campus Circle. Get them to join as well. Happy Holidays!
Posted: 10:37am | 12/10/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, I'm glad members enjoyed The Fighter last night and Casino Jack earlier this week. We were 2 for 2 this week. Every member who got a ticket and came to the screenings got in. Apparently, there were no turnaways. Next up is True Grit, Yogi Bear, Tron, How Do You Know and Country Strong.
Posted: 10:36am | 12/10/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Happy Thanksgiving to all Campus Circle members. Thanks for supporting us over the years. I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. Please continue to spread the word about us to friends and family. Also, join our Facebook and Twitter pages. Looking for a good hike, check out the Westridge Mountain off Mulholland. West of the 405 Freeway. I'll post a picture on Twitter.
Posted: 8:22pm | 11/25/2010 wrote about the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Sweeps:
Enter to win run-of-engagement passes to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 in L.A. through Campus Circle. In theatres this friday!!!
Posted: 11:32am | 11/16/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
No problem. As always, get to the screenings early. Everyone, PLEASE VOTE TODAY!!! We all have our differences but the most important act as an American Citizen one can do, is to vote. Voting is a powerful tool and regardless if you are rich or poor can bring change.
Posted: 8:57am | 11/2/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Balloon Lady, thanks for noticing that. It's actually 11/15. We are fixing right now. Sean
Posted: 9:57am | 10/29/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Michael, the page is back up and running. Thanks for alerting us. Also, this is going to be a great film. So everyone sign up. Sean
Posted: 10:41am | 10/26/2010 wrote about the I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale Sweeps:
As a fan of John Cazale, this is a must see documentary. A truly remarkable actor. For the younger people out there, he was Fredo in GF1 and GF2.
Posted: 3:50pm | 10/25/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Oh, and maybemynight, we sent some tickets out buy not all of them yet. Stay tuned. Sean
Posted: 12:24pm | 10/25/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello everyone, Some responses to comments. Tiny, I'll look into why you haven't received any invites. Sometimes they end up in the junk folder but still will check into it. Jeanscircle is right, you shouldn't be entering multiple times to get a screening invite. It's not fair to other people who are only entering once. JayT5, if you got tix before by entering multiple times, I'd rather you not that but I appreciate the honesty that there may be/is a glitch in our system.
Posted: 12:11pm | 10/25/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Anymore Hereafter feedback? Send it our way. You're welcome RizeandShine.
Posted: 5:50pm | 10/21/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, Thanks MID for the comment. Unfortunately, I don't pick the theaters where the screenings are held. We do screen a lot though in the Burbank AMC but not that much in Sherman Oaks.
Posted: 1:59pm | 10/20/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Here we go. New screenings including a Premiere. Sign up now.
Posted: 5:03pm | 10/19/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Get $5.00 off at Amoeba Music with this coupon, . Nowhere Boy is in theatres now!
Posted: 5:00pm | 10/8/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the kind comments. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing Life As We know It and Conviction. Give us some feedback. Sign into your CC accounts and comment. Have a great weekend. Sean
Posted: 3:23pm | 10/8/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi, Yes, THE TOWN was a great movie last night. Thanks to everyone who came out and watched the film with me. Just a reminder to the Campus Circle nation, the movie passes are non-transferable so you can't send them on to your friends. We had to turn some people away last night because of that situation. However, I was able to get them in to a screening for another film so it worked out but that might not be the case the next time around. Also, passes are not for sale. Do not try to sell the tickets. I saw a post online about that. It is wrong and will result in your Campus Circle membership being revoked.
Posted: 4:11pm | 9/16/2010

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