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Caesar13 wrote about Sweepstakes:
Would be great to win any prize.
Posted: 8:35pm | 4/28/2013

AHolmes wrote about Film Screenings:
SOOOOO bummed I didn't get into the Pain & Gain Premiere on Monday night... I waited in line and they ran out of tickets. It would have been my first premiere and Mark Wahlberg is my all time favorite Actor. =(
Posted: 3:03pm | 4/24/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I gladly saw "Pain & Gain" at the Regal LA Live downtown on 4/18/13. The film might be great, but not as sharp as any tropical gangster movie. I still enjoyed the story directed by that action specialist, Michael Bay. I was thinking of either Quentin Tarantino or Barry Sonenfeld as a good fit for the genre.
Posted: 2:47pm | 4/23/2013

Zydrate wrote about Film Screenings:
THANKS FOR THE PREMIERE OF PAIN & GAIN LAST NIGHT! HAD A GREAT TIME!!! if i may suggest, keeping the line in one spot. just about everyone who was behind in the line decided t sprint to the other line when security told us we need to relocate behind the gofobo for an hour we had to listen to people complain about losing their spot in line. id rather talk about the movie about to be seen. haha.
Posted: 10:54am | 4/23/2013

Jonathon Davis wrote about Film Screenings:
It was a good show. There was no list. Just a Line. It was a bit of a mess. Quite a few people didn't get in due to a lot of line cutting. The security staff monitoring the line was a joke, they were advised and said nothing. I was there by 545pm and was 1 of the last to get a tkt to get in.
Posted: 12:37am | 4/23/2013

Abhishek Sachdeva wrote about Film Screenings:
Anyone else going to the pain and gain premiere tonight? I got an email from campuscircle that I am on the list
Posted: 11:22am | 4/22/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
By the way, I enjoyed the electronically poetic theme song by the shoegaze group M83 for "Oblivion" when it performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" until the music was unfortunately disrupted during the film's end credits to give way to the satellite interview. At least I even listened to their other song, "Midnight City" (Eric Prydz Private Remix), played on SiriusXM channel 51.
Posted: 8:33am | 4/18/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I was curious about "To the Wonder" in the weekend as a regular customer. Why on earth did director Malick employ this European documentary-like method in which you could barely hear the conversation which sounded like behind the scenes? I don't mind of the coffee-table booklike atmosphere symphonically, but the scenes were too distracting, particularly the tall grass in the wind. Plus, I'm tired of the characters free-flowing like birds & model-posing during violent scenes with Steadycams swirling around them. What's with that unclear line, "I am my own experiment?" as spoken by Italian actress Romina Mondello, who played Anna. I moved one seat towards the corner for two in order to stretch my legs as to relieve myself from the ennui enveloping me.
Posted: 8:09am | 4/18/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I anticipated for "Oblivion" in Burbank to be a good sci-fi film for Tom Cruise after seeing the trailer as a makeup for the action flop, "Jack Reacher." However, it was slow, hollow & routine. Morgan Freeman, a great veteran, appeared to be given a few lines in the movie as an attempt to bridge the story. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (of the popular HBO hit, "Game of Thrones"), who played his assistant, didn't say very much. I heard a comment from one of the guys behind me calling the interview after the movie "the worst." I had to agree that it was the cheesiet to listen to. I wish Jeff Boucher were there, but he now works for Entertainment Weekly. The female reporter wasn't sophisticated enough to ask smart questions, relying on the viewers' tweets; however, Cruise answered the details in full despite her lack of professionalism.
Posted: 7:42am | 4/18/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I was expecting much drama for "At Any Price" at the Egyptian Theater, but it was very slow, thin & lacking intensity. What was supposed to be rated R felt like a PG(-13) film for that reason. I sat in the balcony for a very comfortable, commanding view for the first time, but in the midst of the showing, I saw a couple 3 rows behind me on my left side departed (apparently feeling bored). I didn't stay anymore for the interview when the film was finished.
Posted: 7:42am | 4/18/2013

mattc406 wrote about Film Screenings:
No way, solar sailor! The line for the ArcLight DISCONNECT screening was relatively short the entire time. They gave out tix early and let us in. Poorly attended, there were lots of empty seats. A pity, because DISCONNECT was a very well-done film with great acting performances and great plotlines. DO NOT miss a chance to see this great 2013 movie!!!
Posted: 7:35am | 4/15/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
When I came for the "Disconnect" screening at Arclight Hollywood, I was surprised at the waiting line on the theater grounds. The line started from the corner up to the railing past the cooking school entrance. Anyway, skip this film since I didn't like the cinematography which miniaturized the characters & which blurred the scenes, thus making the plot rather a little less significant.
Posted: 11:22am | 4/12/2013

barry1817 wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw Evil Dead, still amazes me how characters in movies are so oblivious to what is happening. 5 people in a small cabin, but nobody can hear screams for help for a long time, or let's split up when there is a problem because there is so much more strength when we separate than when together. Special effects were decent.
Posted: 11:43am | 4/3/2013

Candi Land
Candi Land wrote about Film Screenings:
Seen an Advance Screening of the Host at TCL Chinese 6 in Hollywood on 03/27/13 at 7:30PM. Got my gift bag and entrance band at Sephora with no problem. The line for seating was well organized as well! All of us with the yellow entrance band got seated first. Overall great experience! Me & my guest will definitely check back with Campus Circle frequently for future RSVP/Advance Screenings! Thank you for the VIP Treatment & offering these special events. Quick movie review: 3.5 stars (5 being GREAT). Wasnt too crazy about the narrative voice of the HOST throughout the film, but overall - female teens will be pleased.
Posted: 10:32am | 4/1/2013

shane winter wrote about Film Screenings:
NICE WORK SEAN!!!!! I saw Admission last week...... The line was handled so well........ They brought Campus Circle and LA Weekly people in right away...... The line started going into the theater at 6:45p and everyone was inside with plenty of time to get drinks and food from the snack bar! WAY TO GO SEAN!!!
Posted: 11:22pm | 3/25/2013

PATRICIA BOURGET wrote about Film Screenings:
when will i be notified if i win
Posted: 3:01pm | 3/23/2013

shane winter wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean! We need you back running the screenings! You are the best at running screenings fairly and effectively. Sadly, Gofobo just does not have your finesse! They still lie and start the movies without filling all seats.......turning many away :-( Again Sean, we need you back!!
Posted: 11:32pm | 3/15/2013

wackyjacky wrote about Sweepstakes:
Will you have any movie screenings in Buffalo, NY?
Posted: 12:28pm | 3/4/2013

solar sailor
solar sailor wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw "Jack the Giant Killer" last year as a work in progress. Despite its brown-earth special effects, the film underwhelmed my expectations with the story too ordinary & the humor too light & thin. I think it will be a bust in the box office for the year.
Posted: 8:06pm | 3/1/2013

dcpublicity wrote:
go see this show!!
Posted: 12:48am | 2/25/2013

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