I stopped watching the TV show “The Bachelor” years ago. One of the reasons for this is because it seemed that no matter whom he picked, it would never last. I no longer believed that an eligible guy on a TV show, who had 25 women handpicked specifically for him, could find a wife. As fate would have it, I happened to catch this new season’s premiere, and I’m glad I did.

In order for a man to be attracted to a woman, he needs to feel like a man. He cannot be attracted to a woman who behaves like a man. Male energy is about “doing.” Female energy is about “being.”

As the women stepped out of the limo and met the man they hoped to marry, I noticed they were behaving as men. They usually said hello first, gave compliments – or even worse, gifts – asked questions and drove the conversation. These are all masculine traits.

A better approach would have been to step out of the limo and smile, without saying anything. This signals interest and lets him be the first one to speak. As Dr. Pat Allen, author of Getting To I Do, says: He who speaks first is male (energy).

The woman should not lean in to hug or kiss him. She would stand out from the other competitors by showing him that she is confident and doesn’t feel the need to display any physical affection with someone she just met. He would see her as someone who may be a bit harder to get than the other women. It would give him something to work for while making him feel like a man.

Men want women who behave like women and act like women, not women who look like women and act like men!

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