I have a deck of tarot cards. I’ve been into the tarot for nearly a decade now, and I just can’t get enough. To some, this hobby of mine makes me come across as a flaky hippie. But for me, tarot is a wonderful and entertaining way to shed some light on things in my life that don’t make sense.

And I find it surprisingly effective. My cards predicted that I would lose my job last year; they showed me that I’d find my current apartment back in 2008 and even informed me of my initial hookup with my most recent ex. Granted, the deck didn’t predict the ultimate demise of the relationship, but beggars can’t be choosers.

My tarot exploits started my wheels turning. I mean, with money (and, let’s face it, good news) being so elusive for people these days, shouldn’t everyone have a way of nixing all the bad vibes and inviting a little sunshine into their lives? It’s time we all chuck those umbrellas because that black cloud overhead is about to be replaced with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Want to learn about the mystical tarot? Well, this is an inexpensive hobby to acquire. Most tarot decks are around $20. They even come with their own user’s manual for those just starting out.

I’m a fan of the World Spirit deck. If and when you find yourself wondering if you’re going to get that new job or find love, it’s always fun to ask the cards. You can buy a deck at any bookstore such as Barnes & Noble, Book Soup or online at Llewellyn Worldwide (llewellyn.com). This site also offers free electronic readings that are a real kick when you’re trying to pass the time in the office or at a boring family outing.

Each year, millions of people flood into Vegas for sun, fun and gambling. However, not everyone has the cash for travel these days. If you’re in California, the sun part of the equation is covered, as is the fun. But you never really had to road trip for the gambling. That one has also been in your backyard the whole time.

Just try the lottery. SuperLotto and Mega Millions are two fun drawings that occur twice a week. For just a dollar a ticket, you could become the world’s next millionaire. You must be 18 years old to play and sometimes they do card if you look too young (happens to the best of us). But aside from those annoying issues, it’s an easy alternative to losing your rent money at the poker table or via a bad night of blackjack.

Have you ever read your horoscope and found it to be incredibly inaccurate? Well, you’re not alone. Many publications have dropped their so-called astrologers because they just aren’t effective in their predictions.

Well, there is one woman who is so good she should change her name to Nostradamus the Sequel. Susan Miller doles out fabulous advice each month on her hit site, astrologyzone.com. Miller’s horoscopes are eerily on-point, giving the reader clear and descriptive insight into everything from domestic life to romance advice. She even breaks down the exact days within the month that you can expect things to be good or not so great. Best part is, her site is completely free. Still, you can purchase one of her calendars or T-shirts (at your convenience) to help keep the dream alive.

Finally, if your luck is as bad as mine, don’t get sad; get proactive! The Good Spell Book (Little, Brown and Company) is a fabulous collection of prayers and lighthearted spells. Author Gillian Kemp curated some of the most commonly used chants and potions from the Romanies (a.k.a. Gypsies) and brings them to a wider audience. If you’re having trouble with an unhealthy pet, there’s a spell for that. Need some fast cash? There’s a spell for that. There’s even a wonderful section on attracting romance for those who are hopeless in love. Many of the magical cures and sayings are uplifting and help give a playful nudge to the Universe in times of need.