If you’re a girl like me who loves buying makeup but always end up forgetting that you already have several shades of the same color, Zena Shteysel, makeup artist from the Emmy-winning “Dancing with the Stars” team, has designed a palette to help this obsession.

After several years as a professional makeup artist, Shtevsel was tired of having to lug around huge cases of makeup to every gig, trying to anticipate colors that often went untouched. She noticed that each makeup brand tried to simplify things for customers by selling empty palettes and refill cases, however, the problem remained as to what to do if you wanted to carry more than one brand in one case. So Shetysel came up with Z Palette, a magnetic case designed to hold all different shapes and brands of makeup refills in one place.

The idea is that you can buy the single tins of shadow, blush, gloss, etc., and essentially have your entire face packaged into one kit. This is perfect for girls on the go who don’t have the time or space for every single color case that they own.

Z Palette is affordable for college students, offering different-sized palettes: $20 for the large case and $14 for the smaller one. But the real savings comes when you stop buying makeup at retail value and instead buy refills only, saving an average of $2 per case.

The Z Palette is a great tool for organizing. It helps streamline makeup kits and consolidate things into one case. I’m all for consolidation, though it slightly takes the fun out of buying makeup for pretty packaging. The results? Z Palette is worth it for your overnight bag, if you’re a cosmetology student or if you like to carry all your makeup around at once.

For more information, visit zpalette.com.