With spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, there are a ton of social opportunities available for all takers. Garden parties, nights at the club and even graduation celebrations put us in close quarters with old friends and perfect strangers. Sure, you may look like a million bucks as you cozy up to that new cutie, but you won’t get any play if you smell like leftover soup.

I, as well as my buddies, are all HUGE proponents of defunking for the good times. Whether it’s the eau de toilette on your body or the fragrance in your house, there are a number of clean scents that can take your social standing up a notch without breaking the bank.

Looking for a clean and sensual scent to calm your nerves and incite lust in a potential love interest? Look no further than the Healing Garden Relax Therapy White Tea Body Mist (available at Walgreens, $9.95). This scent smells light, airy and cozy and boasts skin conditioners to leave you touchable and soft for hookups. I love it because it has got a shot of Valerian root extract, which peaces out even the most neurotic user.

Back in the late 1990s, it seemed like there was a huge trend toward unisex EVERYTHING. Calvin Klein’s CK One was all the rage and couples such as Posh and Becks attended all the coolest shindigs dressed in matching garb. BARF-OLA! Nowadays, unisex gets a much-needed upgrade with scents like Tuscan Soul by Salvatore Ferragamo. Ferragamo may be known for shoes, shoes and more shoes, but this Italian designer’s legacy has definitely stretched into a dope lifestyle brand. One whiff of this woodsy fragrance with its dreamy citrus top notes and you’ll be screaming, “Viva Italiano!” Get it online at perfumeheadquarter.com for $16.99.

One thing my good friends know about me is that I am a junk food junkie. Since everybody’s got his or her poison, I can admit that mine is birthday cake. I love the stuff. I can’t freakin’ get enough. The more gloppy and sweet the frosting on top, the better. I don’t even know if I like cake so much as I love sugary butter cream icing – but I digress. When all that delicious goodness spends a little too much time migrating to my hips and waistline, I substitute the food kind for the perfume. Demeter (demeterfragrance.com) serves up a slice of something good with its line of “real-life” spray scents. The absolute best is my signature scent – Birthday Cake. This goodie smells EXACTLY like the real thing and is guilt-free. It retails for around $18 and is available at Sephora.

A fragrance that’s sure to make a resurgence alongside the outrageous and fun-filled fashions of the 1970s is Charlie. Revlon released this iconic perfume to capture the hearts of cool, hip and young career gals who were way too vibrant and independent for mainstays like Chanel No. 5. Aside from its spicy and fruity vibe, it’s also hella cheap. Charlie comes in at a mere $5 a bottle and is available at drugstores such as CVS.

Guys aren’t left out in the dark. By now, I’m sure everyone has seen those hilarious commercials with actor Isaiah Mustafa – otherwise known as “the dude on the horse in the Old Spice commercials.” Not only is Old Spice enjoying the success of a rad ad campaign, it’s giving brands such as Axe Body Wash a run for its money. Old Spice smells awesome, and it’s actually affordable: Pick up a gift set at Target for $8.99.

Finally, if you want your crib to smell as tasty as your bod does, there’s a quick fix: Glade Scented Oil PlugIns. Retailing at about $4 each, these little bottles of yumminess fit into a tiny fan distribution unit (also retailing at about $4), which heats the oil and blows it out into the air. Traditional sprays work well for a moment or two, but they do very little when it comes to masking pet and food smells. Your partygoers won’t know what hit ’em when jasmine and vanilla or honeysuckle wafts overhead. This one is like aromatherapy for heart and home.