In an exciting display of synthetic sounds and masterful electro-pop, Paper Route, LIGHTS and headliner Owl City delivered at a sold-out show. Nashville’s Paper Route kicked off the evening with their soothing melodies and indie rock beats, all reminiscent of the good ole days watching “The O.C.” Lead vocalists J.T. Daly and Andy Smith dazzled on the emphatic “Carousel,” soaring with pitch-perfect harmonies and impressive runs on the song’s contagious hook.

The only solo artist on the lineup, LIGHTS, took the stage next. A Canada native, LIGHTS captivated her fans playing a keytar and bouncing on stage with infectious, bubbly energy. On the dancey, lyric-heavy “Saviour,” LIGHTS showed off two important performer qualities: authenticity as a true musician and strong technical skill. Behind her fantastical instrumentals and colorful electronic tunes, LIGHTS has a powerful voice – sweet and innocent but with an edge. She sang a stripped down version of “Pretend” on piano, a show-stopping moment given the evening’s high-energy tracklist.

But most were there to see Owatonna’s Owl City, as fans wore t-shirts plastered with the wide-eyed night-stalking creature on it. Adam Young, the basement band’s frontman, was a natural on stage, taking the time in between songs to reveal his love for “L.A. weather” and “In-N-Out animal-style fries.”

His highly stylized voice was on par with the disco-flavored Ocean Eyes, across crowd favorites like the ballad-esque “The Saltwater Room” and the more poppy “Hello Seattle.” The neon lightshow backdrop also fit nicely, contrasted by the naturalness of ocean coos. The night’s big moment was an audience sing-along of the band’s big hit, “Fireflies,” which sat at No. 1 on iTunes for weeks.

Kudos to Owl City for holding their own while choosing complementing openers that created a fun night of futuristic music.