David Cross is one of those people whom you can always count on for a laugh. Be it as an actor in roles like never-nude Dr. Tobias Fünke from “Arrested Development” or the wheelchair-bound scientist who wears rollerblades in Scary Movie 2, Cross’ humor is versatile. If you’ve never heard Cross the comedian, I’d say his signature brand of comedy is universal. Universal in the sense that he talks about everything – politics, religion, race, drugs and all of the adventures they bring. You name it, he’s covered it and probably offended many along the way. And even though tongue-in-cheek humor seems to be the way for many comedians, Cross is unique in that it really feels like he’s just having a conversation with you, tending to go on tangents and really screaming when he’s angry about something.

The appropriately titled Bigger & Blackerer captures Cross two ways, on CD and DVD. The CD has slightly different material than the DVD, but both are taken from his October 2009 performance at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre. Musings like “Silly Religious Crazies,” “Black Stuff” and “That One Show About Drugs and Stuff” pack the one-two punch Cross is known for. Nothing is sacred. After all, Cross is an atheist Jew; how can he not poke fun at religion and even Jesus?

Among Cross’ invariably true observations are reflections on how our lives as we know them have changed. On his previous albums, like It’s Not Funny, Cross was defiant and funny, but Blackerer has more of an – for lack of a better word – approachable tone. This is the “grown-up” Cross who, for better or worse, has come to accept the plight our country is in, but he won’t go down without a expletive-filled fight.

Grade: B

Bigger and Blackerer is currently available.