I’ve been seeing this guy every weekend since March. The thing that I’m confused about is that I don’t hear from him during the week. He says he is not a phone person.

He will be leaving to the Army this month. We haven’t talked about where this is going – we are both pretty much enjoying the moment. He did tell my friend that he sees himself having a relationship with me, but that we’ll see how things are when he comes back. He will be gone for three months. What do you think?  —Mary

Maybe he doesn’t call because he doesn’t want to get too close before he leaves, or maybe he’s not that interested. Either way, at the moment it doesn’t matter. By the time he returns, you may have met someone else or realized you’re into him as much as you thought you were.

I think you should continue to enjoy the moment, and as he said, see how things are when he comes back.

I dated a woman for six years until she cheated on me. Now she wants to reestablish some sort of friendship. She tells me that I am her man and she wants to be with me, but on the other hand she still wants to date other people and she gets mad at me if I do the same thing. Also, she can’t figure out if we can be together in the future. What should I do?  —Mark

I think she wants to have her cake and eat it too. There are too many red flags here. Move on and find someone who only wants you!

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