Why do some married men or those in relationships often shamelessly flirt with single women? A fair share of them approach me, much to my annoyance. I don’t respond or encourage them, but some are relentless.

A female friend said that’s just how men work – they like to play with a woman’s emotions despite either person’s relationship status. That’s blatant disrespect to the women they’re in a relationship with and to me. Nothing about me says I’m the type of woman who wants to be the other woman or encourage disrespectful behavior. I am quick to call a man out if I feel he’s out of line.

A male friend said men like to see if they still have it and can attract a woman. Am I missing something here? There is nothing attractive about seeming like a potential cheater. I don’t know what it is about me that attracts these types, but I definitely want to change it. Could I be too naïve in thinking a little shameless flirting can go a long way (though not with me)? —Willow

Since I don’t know you, it’s hard to tell why you are always approached by guys who are already attached. I wouldn’t take it personally. These types of guys see it as a numbers game – they hit on a lot of women, knowing that eventually someone will go for it.

How do you stop it? I believe we attract what we focus on, whether it’s positive or negative. The fact that this bothered you enough to write to me tells me this is on your mind a lot. Don’t put so much energy into it; don’t waste your time being annoyed. If anything, just shake your head and move on. You should soon notice that you are approached by them less and less.

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