Crowned America’s favorite singer more than three years ago, the youngest winner of “American Idol,” Jordin Sparks, took the stage at Club Nokia to prove she has moved far past the reality competition to become her own artist.

Her show Friday night kicked off with opener Ashlyne Huff, pop music’s latest supernova, who sang and strutted her way through catchy club-banging tunes like “Heart of Gold” and “Comeback.” Huff’s music – the fusion between a slightly more mature sampling of tween favorite Miley Cyrus and a rockier, more dancey Katy Perry – hit all the right moves, interacting with the crowd and showcasing a bit of her trained dance background. She impressed vocally on “Make it Rain,” the sweet, nostalgic track about a past lover.

When it was Sparks’ turn to perform, she emerged a powerful, seasoned professional, commanding the room with opening number, “Battlefield.” Not only did Sparks show amazing technique, prowess and control (on ballad’s “Watch You Go” and “It Takes More”), the singer offered concertgoers a taste of intriguing dance choreography and theatrics on the energetic “S.O.S.” and vengeful-girlfriend track “Emergency.”

Fans sang along as well as listened attentively as the “Idol” revealed personal musical experiences on stage. Like the message she sings in her first single “Tattoo,” Sparks’ talent and imprint on the industry may turn out to be permanent.