Rain or electrical outages didn’t stomp on PJ Harvey’s parade as she marched through Los Angeles with her scorching band. Backing musicians – which included drummer Rob Ellis and The Fall’s Jim Watts – electrified the audience with their multi-instrument changes, adding a keyboardist and second guitarist for the songs "50ft Queenie" and "The Letter."

Throughout the show, guitarist Mr. Head also joined Ellis to shake the foundation of the Wiltern, most notably on "Victory" from 1992’s Dry and Demonstration, while pint-sized Harvey danced around in her turquoise stilettos.

The show’s constant mood swings tied with the elegant "To Bring You My Love," "Evol," "Is This Desire?" and selections from her latest release Uh Huh Her, indicated that while Harvey’s lyrics may be angry at times, it was time to let go and indulge in the exciting music.

On a sad note, Oct. 25 also marked the death of broadcast legend John Peel, whose live recording sessions helped put Harvey on the musical map. She dedicated The Fall’s "Janet v. James" to his memory.

During the second encore, the power unexpectedly cut out for a few moments, but Harvey and Co. kept going, changing the mood yet again and replacing lyrics with a cheerful "no power cuts" during the brooding tune "The Darker Days of Me & Him." While the Brit made little social interaction during her performance, only pausing briefly to say "Thank you," Harvey’s delivery did all the speaking for her, resulting in one gratified audience.