After touring over 25 cities across the nation in support of their latest album, Smash the Control Machine, Otep ripped the hinges off the Key Club as they performed in their hometown. The 90-minute setlist proved to be nothing short of spectacular. Otep glowed with appreciation as the L.A. crowd ignited across the floor song after song.

“Smash The Control Machine” created a fistful of energy floating across the air, and “Ghost Flowers” quickly invited everyone to sing along as the “Shadow Soldier Army” yearned for more. The electricity of the crowd was felt all over as they repeatedly chanted for more.

Members Otep Shamaya, Evil J, Rob Patterson and Mark Bistany rewarded Los Angeles with an encore as they saved the best for last. Otep stared at the ceiling and summoned the spirits of Nirvana to present an amazing cover of “Breed” to conclude a vigorous summer tour.