It’s been over a year since Seth and Scott Avett have graced Los Angeles with a performance, and the two brothers from North Carolina showered the Nokia Theatre with love from the moment they stepped on stage to pluck the first notes of “Laundry Room” up to the last frenetic measures of final encore song “Talk on Indolence.”

Accompanied by the energetic Bob Crawford on bass and playful yet precise Joe Kwon on cello, the Avetts – Scott on banjo, Seth on guitar; both interchanging vocal and piano duties – whipped through their catalogue, pulling mainly from last year’s I and Love and You (“Tin Man,” “Kick Drum Heart” and the title song) and 2007’s Emotionalism (“Paranoia in B-Flat Major,” “Go to Sleep”). They also treated the crowd to “Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane” from Mignonette, “The Fall” and “Colorshow” from Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions and “Murder in the City” from The Second Gleam EP.

And with the release of the third live album (and DVD) last week, everyone can share in the Southern love whenever they want.