Going to an Arcade Fire show is the closest I come to attending mass. The Canadian group of musicians just don’t put on a concert, they give you an experience that is akin to a spiritual revival, complete with a charismatic preacher (Win Butler, vocals/guitar), his equally enthralling wife (Régine Chassagne, multi-instrumentalist and ribbon dancer extraordinaire), a choir of musical angels on xylophone, accordion, French horn, bass, violin, etc. and elaborate anthems (“Wake Up,” “Rebellion (Lies)”) that whip the entire congregation into a frenzy of clapping hands, stomping feet and boisterous sing-alongs.

From the get-go, the band had the audience on its feet and dancing to “Ready to Start” and “Keep the Car Running” before breaking out a slew of tunes from their latest album, The Suburbs, including the majestic “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains),” “Modern Man” and “We Used to Wait.” Favorites like “Haiti,” “Neighborhood #2 (Power Out),” “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” and the thoroughly churchlike organ swells of “Intervention” seduced both old fans and new.