Squad Five-0 is a blend of contemporary punk with ’70s rock angst and attitude. A refreshing dip into rocky waters, this band puts on a tight, fun show. Since the Squad puts out a vibe of, "Everybody’s welcome, no matter who or what you are," the kids were all right and the grownups were running for cover.

Vocalist Jeff Fortson started out as a young Mick Jagger meets Iggy Pop, but after removing his tie and button-down, he ended up more like Axl Rose meets Bon Scott. The band is very reminiscent of the Dogs D’Amour, but since not many people even remember the Dogs, the Squad can work that angle successfully. Tunes "No Heroes" and "Don’t Hesitate" were highlights, although the entire show was entertaining. And yes, fans seemed to love the return of guitar solos to rock ’n’ roll!

Go Betty Go next arrived onstage. These chicks rock! Drummer Aixa Vilar is a true pro and a mad, wild woman behind the kit. Bassist Michelle Rangel must have 450 horsepower fingers to be able to move them so fast, and guitarist Betty Cisneros solos like a rock star. Singer Nicolette Vilar (yes, Aixa’s sister) prances around with a big grin on her face which matches her perky outfit.

What’s so fun about Betty’s live show, though, is the true punk sound that comes from these happy girls. The audience was groovin’ to their hardcore tunes, moshing and stage diving. The night was a good one indeed, lined up with hard rock/punk bands like the ones we’ve so desperately needed back in our lives again.