I have yet to be disappointed by a night at the Viper Room, so I was thrilled to be able to cover Black Taxi there. I was not very familiar with the band at the beginning of the night, but by the end of the show they had me hooked. On my way home, I put on their sample CD and turned up the volume for my drive back over the hill.

Black Taxi, hailing from Brooklyn, were a joy to watch. When I go to a show, one thing that can make it or break it for me is the attitude of the members. If they are not having fun, it is hard for me to. In the case of Ezra, Bill, Krisana and Jason, it was clear from the start that they have fun performing, and their energy is contagious as it quickly spreads to the audience. Throughout the set, frontman Ezra had an impressive array of instruments at his disposal. While belting out lyrics, he constantly went from the tambourine, to a drum, to a megaphone to a trumpet and back again.