When news came out recently that Eva Longoria had filed for divorce from Tony Parker, almost everyone was surprised, except me.

Before they were married in 2007, they broke up for a few months in 2006. In my weekly newsletter from Oct. 4 of that year, I wrote the following:

As an expert looking at the situation, I can see that Eva seemed a “little too happy to be there.” It was always Tony this/Tony that. Did we ever hear him gushing? No.

In a recent interview, Tony faced the camera while Eva was turned towards him almost the entire time and looked like she was ready to jump into his lap at any second.

I also saw a photo of the couple at a sporting event. Eva had her arm around Tony’s shoulder. She was not letting him be the man, the protector, the instigator.

Maybe because she was older she felt that she needed to take the lead, but that was a fatal mistake. Men want to be the man in the relationship, even if they are dating an older woman.

With Longoria taking on the masculine energy role in the relationship, Tony Parker turned to another woman with whom he could feel like the man. However, I still think this marriage can be saved!  

Eva needs to get back in touch with her feminine side and let her husband be the man in the relationship. If she’s willing to learn how to do that, I can almost guarantee that they will not divorce.

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