I’ve been dating this man for about two months. He wants to see me several times a week, calls constantly and now after a few dates he says he is in love with me. I feel that he is moving too fast, and it troubles me that he is so eager.


When a guy is very interested, this is how he behaves! It should only trouble you if you are not as interested, or if you feel you can’t control the situation.

It’s up to you how often he sees you, not him. If you are only comfortable with once a week at this point, don’t be available the rest of the time. If he complains, you can say: I’d love to see you, but I already have plans.

He can call every day but that doesn’t mean you have to answer. If he leaves a message, take your time calling him back. It’s up to you to slow this down if it’s moving too fast.

In terms of his being in love with you, at this point, he probably means that he loves being with you and enjoys your company. If you don’t feel the same way yet, say something like, “Oh thank you, you’re so sweet.”

I can certainly understand your concern over his eagerness though. One caveat I must add is that if someone is quick to rush in, they will usually be just as quick to rush out.

Keep in mind, you hold the power. Use it wisely!

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