With their latest release, Cosmic Twins, Monte Negro hosted a record release party at the Roxy. Monte Negro’s performance was preceded by appearances from Diciembre Gris, Claudio Valenzuela, Velorio and Cuevo Perez.

After Gris opened the night, Valenzuela followed with a mellow, yet infectious alternative rock portion that really set the mood. Each of these acts hit the stage for 30 minutes.

Valenzuela recently released Gemini, and he showcased most of the album’s tracks, including “La Aguja En Tu Ropa” (The Needle In Your Clothes) and “Si El Rio Suena” (If The River Sounds), among other crowd pleasers.

Velorio’s performance truly came as a surprise to everyone in terms of how great they sounded. Their diverse lyrics, accompanied with the mix of beats ranging from rock to Caribbean sounds, pleased the audience immensely. Velorio’s cumbia-rock tunes shined as well.

The distinctive Cuevo Perez closed the night, but not before Monte Negro distributed their entire Cosmic Twins set. Monte Negro’s tracks included “Guero” (Blonde), “Borrowed Time,” “Lost,” “The Longest Day” and “Sunburst.”

This indie alternative, new wave, rock band is based out of Los Angeles. Composed of Kinski Gallo (vocals), Rodax (bass), Jason Li-Shing (guitar), and El Pipe (drums), Monte Negro is a quartet creating sounds that have never been heard before, and it’s working. The crowd loved them from beginning to end during their 80-minute show.

Kinski’s distinguishable voice pleased the house in both English and Spanish, and both simultaneously. Their wardrobe was innovative to boot, and their up-tempo demeanor both physically and musically powered the unforgettable hours of darkness.

Monte Negro’s genuine rock beats on their 14-track Cosmic Twins will tour the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain and France this year.