The challenge with electronic music today is this: How do you take one guy and his computer and translate that sound to stage? A couple of solutions were exhibited the night Kid Infinity played at the Alexandria Hotel.

You could pump the bass so loud people can’t breath let alone become bored. You could program slides in time with the music. You could let your songs play and dance violently for the rest of the set. You could hire a really hot girl and have her dance on stage while you and your boys rap and try to engage the audience by singing along to songs they’ve never heard before. Or, you could blow their minds with an incredibly innovative 3-D show.

There were lights, there were stars, there were boxes that popped out at you and changed shape. They hovered over the crowd, they shot out lighting and neon colors, they even shot out glow sticks. Watching Kid Infinity stage dive into an audience engulfed in darkness, only to be pushed back to the stage, not by hands but by glow stick fingers, was an extraordinary sight to behold. I only wish the opening acts had been as interesting to watch.