It was a rainy night as the Hotel Café welcomed Generationals to the stage. The place was packed with your typical Hollywood crowd, and although the weather was “frightful,” the Generationals made the venue so delightful!

Hailing from the lovely city of New Orleans, and composed of Ted Joyner, Grand Widmer, Brett Jones, Michael Libramento and Juston Stens, the band upped the ante with electric grooves and synth beats that kept all eyes, and ears, on them. They performed songs from their new record, Actor-Caster (out March 29 on Park the Van Records), a mix of echoing vocals, militant drumbeats and time-warped sounds of the ’60s. The five-piece band kept up an energetic vibe while cooing to the audience with their sound and witty banter to add charm and character, cheering up the cold and rainy evening.