Sweet, stylish and smooth as cocoa-buttered skin was the way Floetry came at the audience. The duo complemented each other live onstage with positive energy, uplifting messages, and even old school dance moves to further heighten themselves as exceptional examples of conscious hip-hop artists. Floacist dropped knowledge with her resounding rhymes, while Songstress harmonized her operatic range, deep from the soul. Floetry’s music spoke, and the audience replied in unison with bumpin’ heads, loud shouts and swaying bodies.

Floetry hyped the crowd for the one, the only, Miss Erykah Badu. This woman, who cannot be an ounce over 105 pounds (even in what seemed her second trimester of pregnancy), sang her inspiring lyrics with tremendous magnitude. Badu’s performance was a spiritual healing complete with African dancers, burning incense and her interpretation of the seven charkas. Badu sang from her latest two albums, her most recent being Worldwide Underground, and sampled an unreleased track she wrote in 1999 when she was "goin’ through some shit." This show was therapy from Dr. Badu who most definitely has the power to cure.

Badu discussed her intellectual opinion on our society’s preoccupation with fear, and gave hope and encouragement to those who need to rise up and make positive contributions to the world. Badu is the essence of love, and everyone left the show with a piece of her beautiful spirit.