Comedian Eddie Griffin wants to have sex with the First Lady, and he doesn't care who knows it. In his stand-up comedy special, You Can Tell ’Em I Said It, the Missouri native admits his controversial desire.

With over 40 minutes of raw and raucous humor, the outspoken comedian, who started his career on stage on a dare, riffs on everything and everyone from religion and Viagra to basketball player LeBron James.

“I didn’t vote for Obama because of him,” he says, as he leisurely strolls around on stage. “I voted for him because of her. This is the first First Lady that is fuckable!”

The comedian turned actor, who has built an ever-growing fan base since entering the comedy scene in 1990, has starred in films such as John Q, Undercover Brother, Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Date Movie, Norbit and Beethoven’s Big Break.

Best known for his long-running television show “Malcolm and Eddie,” in which he starred alongside Malcolm Jamal Warner, Griffin has been criticized for his constant use of the n-word, yet has no remorse for his bold deliveries.

“There is no such thing as out of bounds,” says the comedian. “If you make something taboo, then it just kills freedom of speech.”

Offering education through humor, the uncensored stand-up special, which made its television debut on Feb. 22 on Comedy Central, follows the world of current events, politics and entertainment through Griffin’s eyes.

“Would you want to live till you’re 199 years old, shitting on yourself?” Griffin asks the audience, as he perches on a stage stool, a cigarette dangling from his right hand. “You come in the world in diapers, and if you’ve got to leave in Depend, then you’ve stayed too long!” he riffs.

In a society where sensitivity plays a huge role in comedy, Griffin’s certainly not perturbed about a backlash for what some may deem as a disrespectful sexual comment directed at the First Lady.

“Comedy is what I do. I had a lot of things to say, and it’s my best work to date,” he proclaims. “It’s brutally honest, raw and in-your-face kind of comedy. When I met with Comedy Central, I told them that I am not doing it if I can’t do it my way. As far as me saying I want to have sexual relations with the First Lady, it’s also a compliment. Now, if I said I want to have sex with Julia Roberts, nobody is going to say a damn thing. The point that I am making is that George Bush’s wife wasn’t desirable or sexy, and I am telling you Michelle Obama is desirable. The woman is sexy!”

Widely known for his award-winning comedy stand-up special DysFunktional Family, which grossed over $2.2 million at the box office, Griffin will next star alongside Penny Marshall in The Buddy Bradley Story, a dance musical based on the famous dancer and choreographer who grew up in New York during the late ’20s and early ’30s.

“It’s dealing with my dance background, so I get to show off those skills. There will be a lot of dancing going on,” says Griffin, who is also a gifted dancer, choreographer and singer.

He also has a small cameo in the upcoming Hillbilly Highway and character voice work for the live-action, animated film Bunyan and Babe starring John Goodman and Jeff Foxworthy.

With an upcoming European tour, Griffin plans to take his brand of comedy on the road and is relying big time on social networking for face time with fans.

“It gives the fan base a direct line of communication when I am performing on stage. People can comment on Facebook and tweet and communicate,” says Griffin, who cites Katt Williams and Mike Epps as two of his favorite comedians.

“With comedy, you either have it or you don’t. If everybody had the ability to be a race car driver, everybody would be a race car driver,” he offers.

You Can Tell ’Em I Said It is currently available.