It’s the end of the school year, and you no longer have to go into class bleary-eyed and yearning for the weekend anymore. But you do have to make it through finals. Caught in the frustratingly oppressive quiet of a library or computer lab, it’s hard not to put your arms on the desk and fall right asleep. This is where music once again comes to the rescue. Not everyone can study while listening to music, but if you’re looking for something to keep you awake, energized and ready to battle your final study guides, here are a few tracks to add to your playlist to help you survive. If you need a quick break from studies, all of the corresponding music videos are also worth a watch.

“Ghosts n Stuff,” Deadmau5

One of the major proponents of the techno revival, Deadmau5 has catchy tunes, a recognizable helmet á la Daft Punk, and enough techno tracks to get you through the driest of notes. “Ghosts n Stuff” is no exception, with a healthy amount of keyboard and fuzzy base. The version featuring Rob Swire on vocals won’t let you fall asleep either. The chorus harmony is a sly combination between suave vocals and impassioned yelling, enough to keep your adrenaline and your head bopping as you burn through piles of flash cards.

“BYOB,” System of a Down

If Swire’s vocals aren’t able to soothe you too well, how about some hard rock? The first minute of “BYOB” already assaults you with enough screaming to keep virtually any sleep-deprived college student awake. There’s political frustration, a catchy tune, screaming and SOAD humor to keep your eyelids open. The good trick to any hard rock, study-friendly tune is the ability to keep your head bopping and then infuse you with energy up until the end and leaving you with an explosion, something Serj Tankan and company are completely adept at. Just make sure you don’t start headbanging in the library.

“Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

OK, so grown men yelling in your earbuds is not everyone’s style. For those seeking something a little less out-there but just as fiery, look no further than Adele. Her current success is mostly due to her absolutely unbelievable singing chops, and her vocal range will keep you listening. “Rolling in the Deep” has got an intriguingly bluesy sound, passionate vocals and a bridge that will get you channeling your angsty energy into the seemingly unconquerable final study guide before you. Catchy as it is, the song doesn’t get old soon, and each time you listen, you catch another one of Adele’s strong notes you didn’t catch the time before.

“99 Problems,” Hugo

This track creates a folksy, bluesy twist to Jay-Z’s track, taking only a line from the original and creating new verses. You’ll get small snippets of a banjo, a tambourine and a harmonica all melded with the easygoing yet captivating voice of Hugo. The track is short and sweet and will transport you to another world where finals are no worry, and there is many a lazy day to be had. Perfect for playing over and over again, the track is calming yet energizing at the same time and will have you bopping your head as you try to stuff more information into your tired brain.

“Wake Up Call,” Maroon 5

A departure from the attitude of Maroon 5’s more well-known tracks, this song is a ballad about betrayal, murder and the influence of one (probably) smoking hot woman. The feisty keyboard, intriguing guitar chords and Adam Levine’s saccharine vocals can keep you focused and tapping to the beat. The melody flows easily and builds as the song progresses, making for a track that promises to keep you alert even when you realize the clock is nearing 3 a.m.

“We R Who We R,” Ke$ha

She’s a guilty pleasure for some, but a bona-fide club-track-creator for others. Either way, this song is a guiltless dance jam and is bound to keep you looking forward to the summer hours in which you can dance like you’re dumb, as Ke$ha puts it. Just imagine yourself blasting this is your car on a summer night and getting through finals might prove a breeze.