The small but enthusiastic crowd wasn’t quite sure what to make of Short Circuit’s 40-minute set. Bleeps, bloops and Auto-tuned vocals barraged the senses with a decidedly foreign sense of “who the hell is this guy.”

The one-man band that is Andrew Verner, aka Short Circuit, sounds like a bizarre orgy of Chromeo, Daft Punk and that creepy kid from your eighth-grade talent show.

The beauty was that no one had really quite seen anything like it. Short Circuit was talented and between the mixing, keyboard shenanigans and aforementioned Auto-tuned vocals, our ears got quite a workout. Somehow it all formed a cohesive style that was largely original and fresh sounding.

The live, performance-based set was largely devoid of any simple set-it and forget-it DJ tricks. Everything was done in real time, a seemingly rare occurrence with today’s modern live electronic music.

Short Circuit’s style oozed European style from his clothes to his samples, but this man is a proud product of Los Angeles. He released his first EP Late Night Drive on L.A.-based label Binary, and I have no doubts that we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the coming future.