Foreign Fare: Prolific Japanese genre auteur Takashi Miike knocks it out of the park with his samurai adventure 13 Assassins. A group of deadly warriors takes on a suicidal mission for honor. A slow build climaxes in an explosive burst of bloody action.

The Idiotbox:
Colin Ferguson is the sheriff of a small town populated entirely by geniuses who are kept isolated from the world while they build inventions for the government in “Eureka.” Season 4.0 has a group of the residents traveling back in time to the town’s founding, only to return to an alternate present. Also included is a crossover episode with “Warehouse 13.”

A righteous cop (David Lyons, “ER”) framed for murder goes underground and reinvents himself as a superhero in The Cape: Complete Series. Keith David is the leader of a group of carnies who endows Lyons with a super-powered cape in which to seek justice. Summer Glau and Vinnie Jones co-star.

Adult Swim’s Delocated!: The Complete Seasons One & Two (available Oct. 25) takes on reality TV when a family in the Witness Protection Program gets its own show, moves to New York and has to wear ski masks to protect them from the Russian mob. A fine cast of comedians including Jon Glaser and Eugene Mirman make this show hilariously absurd.

Syfy’s creature-feature Dinocroc vs. Supergator is another of their campy giant monster movie throwbacks. The late David Carradine stars. Executive producer Roger Corman provides a commentary track.

Joe Flanigan (“Stargate: Atlantis”) leads a team accidentally transported to an alternate dimension where they must fight to survive in the Syfy movie Ferocious Planet.

Funny Business:
Before winning a Tony Award and before “South Park,” Trey Parker made his directorial debut with the cult Troma film Cannibal! The Musical, now available in a two-disc 13th Anniversary Edition, which features new interviews with Parker and creative partner Matt Stone, a new cast commentary track (along with the beloved inebriated original) and deleted scenes.

The Horror! The Horror! Hobo With A Shotgun, based on one of the fake trailers from Grindhouse, certainly brings the exploitation goods. Rutger Hauer plays a homeless man fed up with the urban decay and corruption all around him who decides to clean up the city himself with his trusty 20-guage.

Legendary horror studio Hammer Films returns with Wake Wood, an atmospheric supernatural tale about a grief-stricken mother and father who move to a small Irish village after the death of their daughter and enter into a pact with the pagan community to bring her back to life for three days.

Half-vampire, half-human Rayne takes her vampire slaying to WWII Europe where she must stop an army of undead Nazis before they can reach Berlin and grant Hitler immortality in Bloodrayne: The Third Reich.

Blu Notes: James Cameron’s original sci-fi action flick about a time traveling cyborg assassin, The Terminator, comes to Blu-Ray in a new book format, featuring photos and behind the scenes info in addition to previously released bonus content.

One of the great cinematic thrillers, John Frankenheimer’s masterpiece The Manchurian Candidate comes to hi-def. Frank Sinatra stars as a Korean War vet who begins to uncover clues revealing him to be apart of a brainwashing political conspiracy. Angela Lansbury was nominated for her role. Frankenheimer provides a commentary track, along with an interview with Sinatra.

Das Boot: The 2-Disc Collector’s Set restores Wolfgang Petersen’s intensely claustrophobic look at life inside a German U-Boat to its original German miniseries length of 282 minutes, cutting it together as one film. This masterpiece of frayed nerves comes loaded with behind the scenes material.