The night at the Satellite began with a very eclectic audience listening to somewhat unusual bands, and some people seemed unsure of where the night would lead. While one band’s cancellation led to a rough start, Big Black Delta more than saved the night.

Big Black Delta’s vocalist Jonathan Bates and drummers Mahsa Zargaran and Amy Wood came out to a crowd that seemed unsure of what was next. They quickly charmed the audience and took over the Satellite. Heavy electronic beats and drastic strobe lighting made for an experience like no other. Strong emotion and an impressive performance coming through the songs earned them more than a few new fans. “Huggin & a Kissin” in particular got the biggest reaction from the crowd and was an amazing live song.

Bates just finished a collaboration with Daft Punk for fall, and is now on tour in support of Big Black Delta, or what he has called a “bedroom project.” The audience, as vastly varied as I had ever seen, was instantly taken by the performance and moved along with the music. If you have a chance to see them, they are not to be missed.