Fourth of July has come and gone, and we’re officially in what might be the last full month of vacation for some college students. But there is nothing like a great album to keep your car top down and your speakers blasting. And this season seems especially enticing to some acts who haven’t released anything in recent years. Check out some of the most intriguing releases from groups that the music world hasn’t heard from in a while.

311 – Universal Pulse

At a mere eight tracks, this quintet’s new album cannot be passed up, as it still contains the band’s trademark experimentation with fun and funky sounds and songwriting. This short but sweet album contains no ballads, as opposed to previous 311 works. The album’s first single, “Sunset in July,” is already setting the tone for a relaxing summer album, but leading man Nick Hexum stressed to Billboard that the important part was making tracks that would sound awesome live. Ten albums in, 311 will have to prove if it can continue to be groovy enough for any season of the year.

Incubus – If Not Now, When?

Incubus just dropped its first studio album since 2006. The ever-evolving, multi-layered sound of Incubus only continues to grow, and lead singer Brandon Boyd described the album to as “more enjoyable. It’s interesting.” Listening to any Incubus track, whether it is the ever-popular “Pardon Me” or latest single “Adolescents,” is a little like taking a trip to a different realm. With luck, If Not, Now When? proves the same and lets you sit through your summer evenings barefoot and lulled by Boyd’s mystical voice.

Jane’s Addiction – The Great Escape Artist

Iconic 1980s band Jane’s Addiction is at it again after a whopping eight years since their last release. Though some might argue that the band needs to call it quits after such a long career, singer Perry Farrell made it clear he believes the exact opposite, stating he wants to “be important to your past and your history.” The upcoming album (available Sept. 27) will also be more technologically-savvy than their past creations. That being said, who knows what kinds of sound will emerge from your speakers. Only three original members remain (Farrell, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins), so Jane’s Addiction has to prove whether it has held on to its trademark sound while still adapting to a completely different music climate. When asked by Reuters if the sound will mesh into the current pop noise, Navarro promisingly responded, “Hopefully, it doesn’t.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers – I’m With You

The last time these funky, high-energy rock icons released a CD was 2006, but that will change with the upcoming I’m With You (available Aug. 30). The band this time around will include Josh Klinghoffer as guitarist/John Frusciante’s replacement. Bassist Flea recently told Spin that Klinghoffer is a “subtle textural player.” The change is only bound to make the upcoming release all the more intriguing. If not, surely the cover, a Damien Hirst creation, will pique your curiosity: RHCP’s newest features a pink and white pill and a single fly – hopefully the release doesn’t require the use of any headache medication.

Vanessa Carlton – Rabbits on the Run

Having a secure spot in many an early 2000’s middle school student’s memory, Vanessa Carlton has crafted a few Disney-friendly pop tracks that are more than easy to sing along to. Her first album since 2008 just dropped, showing that she is not altogether gone from the music scene. Surely competing with the likes of pop and dance track chanteuses, ranging from Selena Gomez to Lady Gaga and Adele, Carlton absolutely had to bring her all to the album. If the first single, “Carousel,” is any indication, Carlton has her trademark saccharine voice intact to woo you with, and the piano notes are as flowing and ethereal as ever. Only time will tell if Carlton’s newest can withstand the techno-crazed beats of today’s top 40.