Hi Lucia,

I met a guy few weeks ago, and we started dating exclusively. He told me he loves me, and I said I love you too.

Since that day he sends me tons of messages and says he loves me all the time. It started to bother me, and I told him although I had strong feelings for him I didn't feel we should say I love you so soon.

He’s upset with me now. How do I handle this?


Hi Cindy,

Well, that’s what you get for using what is meant to be a powerful statement with someone you only knew for a few weeks. People seem to be throwing “I love you” around these days as if they’re saying, “How are you?”

He sounds immature and desperate. You didn’t tell me his age, but for his sake, I hope he’s in his teens or early 20s

Don’t bring this up again. If he does, say you got caught up in the moment and although your feelings for him are growing, you’re not there yet and don’t feel comfortable using that phrase until you are there.

If he wants to be upset, that’s his issue. You’re simply being honest, and if he can’t handle that, then he probably can’t handle being in a relationship.  

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