In college, a friend of mine loved every song by Ben Folds Five and then later of course Ben Folds. When I saw that the tour would bring Ben Folds to the L.A. area, it was a flash back to college and the friends who listened to the music. The concert was everything we all would have loved to have gone to. Folds, now on his Lonely Avenue Tour took over the stage with energy and contagious excitement.

Beginning the night with songs co-written by renowned author Nick Hornby, Folds played a high energy and skillful set accompanied by an eclectic and very talented band. After the first song, Folds announced, “That was written along with Nick Hornby ... and now, a song also written by myself and Nick Hornby. I will mix it up a bit later.” He delivered on his promise, playing songs from other albums throughout the set.

The audience reacted with stereotypical L.A. enthusiasm, but it was still clear that everyone was loving the concert, and the song “Gone” was especially well received. The night ended on a high note with a one-song encore that included impressive solos by the skilled band.