Hi Lucia,

My guy has been missing for the past five months – no phone calls from him. When I called his parents they said they believe that maybe he has problems with some of his clients, and it has gotten to the point that he has to move out from the country.

I’m really confused because I strongly feel that he has called them and they don’t want to tell me. Please help me make decision about him.


Hi Queenzy,

Moving out of the country because of problems with clients? That’s an excuse I haven’t heard before. Unless he’s a drug dealer, I doubt that’s what happened.

The point is, if he cared about you, he wouldn’t have disappeared for five months with no contact. Do you really want to try to build a future with someone who is capable of this type of behavior? If he has the heart to walk away without an explanation, you have to have the heart to let him walk away without asking for one.

Hi Lucia,

I have an issue with my girlfriend’s friends – I really hate them. They are loud and annoying. I want to get over the feeling of hating her friends and just learn to ignore them. What should I do?


Hi Brent,

You’ve heard the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together?” She must have something in common with them, something she sees in them that she identifies in herself. You’re either choosing not to see in your girlfriend the negatives you see in her friends, or you’re choosing not to see the positives in her friends that you see in your girlfriend. So, your options are: open your eyes, break up with her or keep interactions with her friends to a minimum.

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