Hi Lucia,

I have always been fond of the waiting game, and usually I do. It has always been effective not getting emotionally involved with someone who may be wrong for you. But ... you know us women, we always do something we regret.

After three years of casual conversation, I finally went on a date with a co-worker – I am 47, and he is 69. We hit it off, laughed all night and ended up at his place. Things have actually been going well since then (about two weeks).

I am not exactly thinking about him being forever. I think we both deserve a little happiness at this stage of our lives, or am I just wishing on a star that this will work? — Hope

Hi Hope,

Let me start off by saying that we ALL do things we sometimes regret – not just women.

Your e-mail is contradictory, so I’m not sure what your question is. First you say you’re not thinking of him being forever and then you wonder if this will work. So, which one is it? Do you hope it will work but are afraid it won’t, so you’re not going to think of it lasting?

Also, what do you mean by: We both deserve a little happiness at this stage of our lives? Is there a stage at which people don’t deserve happiness? Or are you saying it’s OK to break the rules because you’re older?

The wild card in dating is that no one ever knows where it’s going to end up – you may break up next week or you may end up getting married next year. Hold on, let me look into my crystal ball … LOL

Since you’ve been friends for at least three years, you’ve already established a friendship, which is the foundation of any relationship. All you can do is choose wisely, treat nicely and see where it goes.

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