It seems that the days when comic book-based games were the ones to run away from are gone. As graphic novels have acquired a more adult audience, so have the games based on their stories developed. “Batman: Arkham City,” the sequel to “Batman: Arkham Asylum,” and “Spider-Man: Edge of Time” are prime examples of this new generation of graphic novel/game crossover.

Both Batman and Spider-man have been featured in a number of media; including several video games. Some of these were big hits, while others were lacking. Though seemingly unlikely to go past their original print field, both characters have gained a following in the gaming world.

“Batman: Arkham City” is set to come out Oct. 18. It continues the dark and intense feel of “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and builds it into a new story that takes place a year after the events of the previous game. With the former warden of the asylum becoming mayor, inmates and criminals have moved from the prison to the slums of Gotham City with resulting mayhem.

The game carries on largely from were the first left off. Most of the tools in the first game will be available with improvements as well as additional gadgets, including the very useful freeze grenades taken from Mr. Freeze. As well as Batman, gamers gain the new playable character of Catwoman who features a more acrobatic-based set of combat skills. Meanwhile Batman’s combat and movement have also been upgraded allowing him to counter several enemies in the midst of combat and glide to more areas. Featuring more characters from the comics’ history – such as the assassin, Deadshot – the game enlarges the scope of Batman’s journey providing a bonus for fans who want something new.

“Spider-man: Edge of Time” features another bonus for comic fans. Hitting stores this week, the title brings a spark to a series that has always gone through a lot of changes. Similar to “Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions,” players control the original and 2099 version of the famous webslinger, each with different abilities.

As this game is developed by Beenox, the same group who did “Shattered Dimensions,” the crossover between the two storylines promises to work well. In “Edge of Time,” the two Spider-mans work together through their different timelines to save their lives and repair the altering of the world’s timeline caused by an ambitious scientist from the future. A unique cause-and-effect system has the actions of each Spider-man imminently affecting the other. The game leaves the question of the wrong actions: Is it possible we’ll see the death of the amazing Spider-man?