From the start of this music show, I definitely got to know more of the incredibly talented Puerto Rican salsa singer Marc Anthony. Dressed in a black suit, shirt, shoes and dark sunglasses, Anthony came to the stage with a hunger to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

“I Need to Know” was the first track he performed on the night of his first of two L.A. based concerts at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios CityWalk. Filled with a contagious upbeat tempo that even the Greek gods could easily dance to, Anthony got the crowd jumping, screaming, singing and dancing with the opening song. But everything seemed to pause in between the first and second tune.

And that was Hector Lavoe’s “Aguanile,” a legendary melody that Anthony performs to pay tribute to the already deceased Lavoe. “Aguanile” is intense and rather fast-paced, and Anthony’s vocals resulted in excellence on the number.

After a segment of romantic salsa, Anthony performed “Valio La Pena.” Arguably his most recognizable song because of its unique beat, profound lyrics and distinguished vocals, the display of “Valio La Pena” (It Was Worth It) was beyond magical.

When “No Hay Nadie Como Ella” (No One Like Her) was played, a time for romantic reflection was called upon. This song details the story of a guy cherishing a woman who is affectionate, driven, beautiful, and almost nonexistent to the degree of her perfect description.

Although Anthony did not perform a lot of well-known songs, he saved two of his best for last. “Mi Gente” (My People), another Lavoe track, came second to last before the grand encore of “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” (Your Love is Good to Me).

There could not have been a better song to close out the night of great and pure salsa music.