The El Rey Theatre opened its doors to the third annual Ooh La L.A. Festival on Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1. The event kicked off on a cool Friday night christening the stage with a memorable performance by the French band, Nouvelle Vague. With a tad bit of jetlag and a little delay in customs, the group made it to the show to provide an eclectic and riveting performance with great theatrics, smokey lighting, leopard costumes, strobe lights and two gorgeous ladies.

Accompanied by an opening set from Hugh Coltman, night one of the Ooh La L.A. Festival was off to a great start and savvy weekend. Other talents from nights two and three included Tinariwen, Hindi Zahra, Etienne De Crecy, DJ Cam, Feadz and Chateau Marmont. The Ooh La L.A. Festival has the likelihood of being one yearly event that won’t die off anytime soon.