Through January, the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) is displaying a collection of works taking the glitz and glam of conceptual art and genres related to today to a new level. Featuring over 150 works of art, the museum brings together installations, photographs, works on paper, videos and films, artist’s books, extensive performance documentation and other intriguing pieces.

The best kick you will get from the exhibition is its display of rare archives that have not been viewed so often by the public. Works such as Being Photographed, Looking Out, Looking In by Chris Burden have not been on display since the ’70s since they reside in a private collection out of the public eye. OCMA has worked extensively to gather these historically and culturally significant pieces to give the public a second chance to view this "long lost" artwork. Bonnie Sherk, William Wegman, Gary Beydler and Nancy Buchanan are only few of the many artists who offer their creativity to us at this exhibit.

In conjunction with State of Mind, OCMA is holding public programs where artists, scholars and curators gather together to provide weekend symposia, lectures and performances. If you live near OCMA or will be down there for Holiday Break, then I highly recommend you go check the exhibit out. The museum is also located in an area with many different SoCal attractions.

Orange County Museum of Art is located at 850 San Clemente Drive, Newport Beach. For more information, visit