Hi Lucia,

My girlfriend of five months left me and is going to marry another guy. Her reasons were: I didn’t proceed or develop our relationship and she wants to have kids now, while I want to wait a few years until I am at least 30.

I was willing to move our relationship further, but after she found out that I am a Taurus she became upset so I decided to delay the talk regarding our relationship. After that, her emotions were not the same as before and she started to act more as a friend. We continued to “date” for another two months, and last week she told me that she is getting married to someone else. Can you help me figure out why this happened? —Mick

Hi Mick,

Yes, she’s crazy. Ok, I’m just kidding, but I’m not too far off. This girl wasn’t interested in you, she was interested in you as a future husband. When she realized it wasn’t going to happen as quickly as she wanted it to, she pretended that your astrological sign was to blame.

Also, she’s about to marry someone she’s only known a few months, just because he’s willing and able. You should actually be happy she’s gone, unless of course you don’t mind being married to someone who’s going to do things on her timetable without considering what her partner wants.

You dodged a major bullet. Move on and don’t get back with her no matter what!

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