To promote AIDS awareness, Colombian pop singer Andres Cuervo has been touring California, among other states, during his musical tour. The tour and campaign, titled “Learn How to Love,” is intended to motivate, assist and distribute information about AIDS. Cuervo’s intention is to simply create positive, healthy living for those living with the disease. And encouraging individuals to get tested is also a goal.

Quite frankly, this is inspiring for an artist to execute, particularly throughout his performances. His first album, This Is Me, will be available in February 2012, and Cuervo sure knows how to entertain a crowd with his electro-pop sensations.

“Destino o Casualidad (Destiny or Coincidence),” “Love, Love, Love” and “Uno Mas Uno (One Plus One) “were the three singles Cuervo performed for the night, and the crowd really go into each of them. This is especially true for “Love, Love, Love” because it’s up-tempo, romantic and the back-up dancers did their jobs very well.

Cuervo, who was born in the same city where Shakira is from, is en route to a delightful career, not to mention the causes he is currently helping. His animal within is already showing characteristics of a true warrior on stage while dancing, singing and entertaining crowds.

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