In keeping with the custom of traditional reggae music, The Wailers, as in legendary Bob Marley and The Wailers, relayed a message of positive vibrations and increased consciousness at the small yet intimate club, The Brixton, in Redondo Beach.

Kicking off the west coast leg of their Revolution tour, The Wailers took a small but committed audience on a journey of feel good rhythms, blazing electric guitar riffs and Rasta grooves.

The show began with a hypnotic bass line that seemed to be longer than your average intro, but perfect to get the concert goers in the mood for a true reggae experience. The seductive yet traditional beats, classic organ sounds and true Jamaican lingo made the audience feel like they were on a musical journey in a moody yet friendly reggae haven.

Dangling, who is the latest frontman, along with original Wailer, Aston “Family Man” Barrett, led the band with songs like “One Love” and “I Shot the Sheriff.” The show truly reached transcendental heights when the vocalists chanted “Stand Up for Your Rights” which had the entire club dancing on their feet.