“The Festival Play of Daniel” is majestic.

A medieval musical drama, this show presented a wonderful story with an elegant, scenic setting and divine singing in an operatic style.

The L.A. Opera production recounts the beloved Old Testament story of the courageous prophet Daniel, whose magical gift almost led to his death until an angel appears to protect him.

Eli Villanueva directed, orchestrated and translated “Daniel” under the musical conduction of James Conlon, who added an above par flare, resulting in a solid performance from the entire cast.

The performance took place as a special gift to the community, and it was free of charge. L.A. Opera’s annual performances at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels are a key feature of the company’s community outreach program.

“Across America and around the world, classical music is fighting to keep its audience and to introduce new audiences to classical music in every form, from chamber orchestras, opera and string quartets to full symphonies,” acclaimed opera singer and L.A. Opera’s Eli and Edythe Broad General Director Placido Domingo said in a prepared statement. “Presenting community opera performances that Los Angeles families can enjoy together is one way for us to do this.”

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