Singing sensation Norah Jones is just too darn good to describe when she performs, and she put on a particularly good show for a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Bowl on a balmy Friday night.

Known for her fusions of country, blues, soul, jazz and alternative rock, the 31-year-old singer and songwriter delivered a pleasant night of song for the attending public.

After a wonderful opening act by Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, Jones followed promptly as she arrived to the stage minutes before the clock hit 9. Her 100-minute, 22-song performance undoubtedly left many speechless and several others wanting and asking for more. Jones's versatile persona as a musician has a lot to do with that, but her noble demeanor both personally and professionally have led to her being extremely liked and loved.

Throughout the night, Jones sang tracks -- ranging from the beginnings of her musical catalogue through her latest album release, ...Little Broken Hearts -- in her distinguishably unique voice. The multi-Grammy winner began the show with "She's 22," a melody like no other opening tune, and was followed by the likes of "Little Broken Hearts," "Say Goodbye," "It's Gonna Be"  and "Chasing Pirates."

What made Jones truly shine was her natural abilities as a musician as well as a singer. Jones not only played the guitar, but managed to be seductive while using the organ, and she stole the people's hearts when singing while playing the piano.

Arguably, the highlight of this much-awaited concert arrived when Jones performed a cover of Hank Williams's "Cold Cold Heart" and her hit "Don't Know Why." The two were warmly wonderful; she smoothly dominated what has been hers all along: playing the piano on a colossal stage.

Jones, who majored in jazz piano at the University of North Texas, continued with "All A Dream," "Miriam," "Happy Pills" and others, including as "Stuck" and "Creepin' In," before closing her set with "Come Away With Me."

The audience kept asking for more music, even after her encore. The sensational Jones was humbled, as she left the stage with a smile on her face. She indeed put on an unforgettable show.