Hi Lucia,

I went on a fabulous date Monday night!  There was never a silent moment - he and I were talking forever, laughing and joking around. Halfway through the date he even suggested a second date and possible places/days. 

He drove me home, and before I left his car, we made out.  He again said he'd like to go on another date and that he'd call me.  The day after he texted me saying “you left your umbrella in my car...so I guess your stuck seeing me again ;).” I responded by saying “LOL it’s broken =P.”

Two days have gone by, and I haven't heard from him.  It’s also Friday tomorrow (the day he said we'd get together).  Should I text him about my umbrella or something flirty? 

I am usually not too concerned with stuff like this, but he gives me butterflies, and I actually like him for once! He’s so darn interesting!  


Hi Joanna,

You are at the moment of truth.  What you do now is going to set the precedent for how the relationship – if there ever is one – is going to go.

You’re either going to be the feminine energy and let him do the pursing - meaning, you wait until he contacts you.

Or, you’re going to be the masculine energy by taking action and texting him.  Once you do that, his incentive to pursue is going to go way down and even if you do have a relationship, you will end up being the one who’s into it more.

You may think you had a great date, but that doesn’t mean he felt the same.  Or maybe he changed his mind for some reason afterwards.  Either way, if a man is interested, he will contact you.  If he’s not, he won’t.  It’s really very simple.

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