I’d never before seen Alex Cuba perform live. This was my first time, and I must admit and express that Cuba’s become one of my favorite music artists.

Cuba delivered an enthralling concert Saturday night at The Mint near Beverly Hills. His set entertained the attending crowd from beginning to end, and with a lot of delightful music. It really was a wonderful time.

As usual of him, Cuba appeared on stage dressed in vintage style clothes (light gray shirt, medium gray pants, light brown boots) and with his distinctive, undeniably prominent retro Afro. Quite the charming dude he is.

After taking a few seconds to retrieve his guitar, Cuba opened with “Nadie Como Tu.” Included in his latest album, Ruido En El Sistema (Static In The System), “Nadie Como Tu” is one of those tunes that entangles you immediately upon listening to it. The original track features pop singer Nelly Furtado, but Cuba did a brilliant job singing solo for this up-tempo piece.

Accompanied by his bassist and drummer, Cuba continued with multiple songs off of Ruido En El Sistema. The show featured “Suspiro En Falsete,” “Todo En La Vida” and “Ruido En El Sistema.” Additionally, Cuba managed to showcase a Spanglish “Eres,” which truly fulfilled the fans musically.

Cuba, who was born and raised 90 minutes of Havana, Cuba, represents the concepts of originality and uniqueness. However, on top of formulating different music niches for the world, he’s all about the audience.

During the middle of his performance, Cuba pleased one of the fans. A lady requested “Sin Un Porque,” a melody not scheduled to be played, and Cuba instructed the band of his intent to improvise. He did just that, and Cuba reigned supreme – even more – thereafter. “Sin Un Porque” captivates your ears in an entirely different level. The lyrics, which deal with the economy through a romantic venture, instill peace and tranquility within you. And the sounds produced a soothing atmosphere within seconds.

Without a doubt, one of the most prolific moments of the night came when Cuba sang “Las Mujeres.” This upbeat, rhythmic and tropical piece has become a fan favorite since its release in the fall 2010. Filled with joyful lyrics, “Las Mujeres” pays a special tribute to women – citing that they have more power than men. And Cuba doesn’t mind sharing this, as he celebrated the theme with vibrant energy, magnetic smiles and a sensual 360-degree body-turn while dancing and playing his guitar.

Cuba’s vocals are vigorously captivating. So much that you keep wanting and asking for more – that’s what was circulating in my mind. Cuba, who resides in Canada, shines at electric and acoustic guitar, too. In fact, he  plays guitar incredibly well.

After closing with “If You Give Me Love” and “Creo,” the crowd desired more. Cuba gave them more. He conquered Los Angeles.

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